Monday, February 28, 2011

My Husband's Daughter

I am blessed with two adorable daughters.  They brighten up even the most gloomy days with their silly antics.


But are there times when you wonder if, as a parent, there are things that you missed out on doing?

Case and point:

Pot, my eldest daughter, is four years old.  She is very good with articulation that it scares me.

       Pot:   (Frustrated with what she is doing) Sh*t!
       Me:   Pot, that's not a good thing to say!  Please don't say that again.
       Pot:  What the hell, Sully?
       Me:   Dad!!!!!!!

Pot was walking to our bedroom almost passed the bookshelf.

       Pot:  F*ck, my book!
                (Dad laughs hysterically)

That seals it.  Pot is my husband's daughter!

Going Back to Transpo Basics...

I recently left my work for seven years.  That meant leaving my comfort zone and starting anew.  It wasn't so difficult until I had to reaquaint myself with the horrors of commuting.

I forgot why I hate them and why I soooooooooo love Rubi (our car) - passing through SLEX was horrific especially at night.  I sometimes wake up from a short nap in the car to scream because the buses were just too damn close to my window - so close I can almost smell the stink of whatever gooey things were smudged onto their filthy body.  It's a good thing my husband (who drives) doesn't get distracted too easily.  Otherwise, we probably would have had our fair share of road accidents.

My first month in my new company was a breeze.  Picture a spoiled wife who was chauffeured to and from work - that is me.  This morning, reality bit me.  Commuting was a bitch.  It felt like the bus' wheels weren't touching the road, like it changed lanes from 0 to 0.5 of a second.  For a split second, I thought of how I cannot see my daughter celebrate her seventh birthday and how I cannot walk with her to the altar on her wedding day.  And just for that moment, I wish I didn't leave my previous company.  Yikes!
Good God,  I hope these bus drivers know what they are doing. 

                                                                                                         -- Rose