Monday, February 28, 2011

My Husband's Daughter

I am blessed with two adorable daughters.  They brighten up even the most gloomy days with their silly antics.


But are there times when you wonder if, as a parent, there are things that you missed out on doing?

Case and point:

Pot, my eldest daughter, is four years old.  She is very good with articulation that it scares me.

       Pot:   (Frustrated with what she is doing) Sh*t!
       Me:   Pot, that's not a good thing to say!  Please don't say that again.
       Pot:  What the hell, Sully?
       Me:   Dad!!!!!!!

Pot was walking to our bedroom almost passed the bookshelf.

       Pot:  F*ck, my book!
                (Dad laughs hysterically)

That seals it.  Pot is my husband's daughter!

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