Monday, April 25, 2011

To Good Food and Great Company

... not necessarily in that order. :)

I have been procrastinating on writing a blog about it.  A few weeks ago, my colleagues con breakfast mates con "school bus" mates had the craving to go food tripping.  It was fun because Tin, Jan and myself have not tried Bon Chon (known for their great Fried Chicken).  Since we were foodies by heart (and by stomach), we felt adventurous and excited about it.

Boy, was it a pleasant surprise!  There was nothing spectacular about how they serve their food - It was fried chicken (and rice) on a red plate but their secret ingredient was delectable!  The coating was food-gasmic! I still can't figure out what they ingredients they used.

Added to that experience was being with great company - such refreshing laughs, stories and just pretty much silly giggles from twenty-thirty something kids. Our tummies were aching by the end of the meal.

When we left Bon Chon, we thought the day was just too great to end yet. We decided to slow down in Caramia.  Sadly, the place was too busy so we went Bon Chon's side of the Ayala Triangle.  We ended up going to Banapple. 

Because we didn't want to overstuff, we got a slice of cheesecake and a chicken pie to share.  I decided that it was a great experience worth sharing that I bought pies and a slice of cake to bring home to my kids. 

I write this with a glass of milk on my table.  Cheers to great company and great food! :)

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