Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Fine Day with Nemo

One of the things I love most about my work is that I get to do it from the comforts of my home whenever I need to.  It is one good idea to keep your employee from being burned out because it gives them a whole  new different perspective of a "workplace" whenever possible.

Anyhow, today was one of those days.  My family's been without a household help for two weeks now so if my Mother is not available to look after the kids, I will need to take over.

My pre-schooler is currently in school - that leaves Nemo and myself alone at home.  Nemo, being the active two-year old that she is, likes "exploring" around.  The place looked like Hiroshima in the 1940s!

The next photos were taken less than 20 seconds apart...

Do you see those neatly placed Reader's Digest magazines by the headboard?

... there they are 20 seconds after!

Trust my kids to spice up my life! 

Monday, August 15, 2011


When we exhausted all the tokens we bought in Tom’s World, Nemo was treated to the spectacular menu of the giant bee.  Yes, Jollibee!  I am still in awe at how  ingenius Jollibee’s concept is.  The mascots at McDonald’s do not elicit the same reaction.  What endears him to kids of MANY generations?  I remember loving him when I was 5 years old.  Now my kids are nuts about him.  Share your secret, Jollibee!
In line to order, this time with my brother Ryan, we saw Jollibee (the mascot) come out of the employee’s area to the function room.  I must have ran too fast because I caught him to say hello to my girl.  She was star-struck!  We took a seat outside of the birthday party area to watch the show.  I kid you not, my daughter wasn’t blinking. 
After the party, Jollibee mingled with the customers.  Who would miss it?  My STILL unblinking child still cannot believe that she has Jollibee all to herself.  Alas it was time to move to the other tables.  That’s when my almost two year old snapped out of her “fan” mode. 
“Bye, Jolllllllibeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
We just had to stalk him.  This time I requested for a picture. 

Nemo loved the Bee!  Before the hour ended, we had a date in Jollibee.  Hurry up, September 17th.  Little Princess is spending her birthday with you!

Round and Round I Go

If you have children who are between the age of 1 and 12, there is a large probability that you’ve been to Timezone or Tom’s World.   Do you ever wonder why half of your city’s population is in that area every weekend? 
Both of my kids’ nannies went home for family emergencies which left me racking my brains out on how I can entertain them.  Goodness bless my husband’s soul, he took care of Pot while I do my grocery and pharmacy errands and what have yous with Nemo.
We went to an SM Mall’s Toms World.  My brother drove for us but went on AWOL for an hour so I took care of Nemo alone.  Have you ever seen the three-seat Carousel?  It runs on two tokens and can accommodate three kids.
Nemo rides this at least twice every time we visit.  Today was no exception.  I sat her on one of the horses, inserted two coins and voila!  Fun times for the little one.  Normally, parents will rush to have their kids get a free ride.  Today, they were all busy.  So it was just Nemo and myself on a mini-carousel – she on a horse going round and round while I walk around to make sure she doesn’t fall.  But… it’s a weekend!  To be on the same pace with the carousel, I strut, inadvertently push, excuse, shove, and excuse myself again from people standing around that ride. 
That felt like the longest ride ever!  On my nth round, I was sweating and feeling dizzy.  Plus I was worried that everyone around me was ready to kill from the shoves and pushes I gave. 
What a day!!!  All for the love of Nemo.  Heh.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Did you notice how many letter "s" are in Sleeplessness?

I am struggling to keep myself awake here in the office which explains the big cup of coffee on my desk.

This coffee is brought to you by:

the late-night monster who asks for: milk, snack, new blanket, hug, leg massage, etc.  She's just one part of the duo who keeps everyone awake at night. 


Monday, August 8, 2011

I am Sooooooo Beautiful!

My older daughter, Pot, has a habit of skipping meals.  She is not fond of eating.  As a result, she gets very skinny.

One afternoon as we were looking at old pictures in our computer, I showed Pot her pictures when she was younger.

"Look, Pot!  You were pretty here.  You should eat more."

Ms. Supermodel in her most confident way said:  "Mom, Nemo is pretty. I am soooooo beautiful."  And then she walks away.

Kids!  Tsk...  Pot comes up trumps once again!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guess What's Coming Out this Fall?

Spud collectors all around the world are very excited for the release of the four new sets of Mr. Potato Head collector's items which will come out this Fall. 

These toys are available for pre-order in their official website - PPW Toys.  

I wish they will be made available in Manila.  Shipping rates are so expensive that I'd rather save up and go to the States and get them all in one trip.

For those asking what I want for my birthday or Christmas, here you go! Heh.

Note:  All pictures are from

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Run For Your Lives!

My daughter, Pot, got busy one night.  I took a snapshot of the crime scene the next morning.

One curly blonde and the lone dark-haired Barbie dolls were spared. The rest all got their new haircuts done. Poor dolls!

Our Spud Villagers

We first bought the standard Mr. Potato Head as one of our Christmas gifts to Pot. We wanted her to open more gifts and this was one American gift staple that any kid will get at least once in their life. 

Now Pot likes playing with them but...

I love them! Nuts about them! A pre-school toy.  My husband said I need professional help. For a country with limited Spud supplies, I am proud of what I had. 

Had?  Yes, you read it right.  I lost most of them in an auction during a family member's trying time.  I miss them.  I know in time I will start the collection again.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Gesture

Look what I got for my birthday!

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world. - Leo Buscaglia

These chocolates and roses were given by a colleague/friend in Australia.  Thank you, Huong!

The Power of Strategic Marketing

Like most of the working mothers around,  I try to make as much quality time as I can with my kids.  Weekly grocery shopping, for example, has transformed to special bonding times.  

My four-year old, Pot, is in-charge of getting food for her recess time (Pre-school, YAY!).  I would bring her to the aisle where the treats are - cakes, breads, cookies, fruit juices, and on some occasion, chips. 

Who can resist food samples in stores?  They are great marketing strategies for consumers to try their product with that hope that they get their buying loyalty.  Our preferences for specific brand of noodles,  hotdogs, chicken nuggets, milk, juices, pasta, candies were because of food sampling and creative packaging (yes, my daughter whines for these pretty layouts).

In one of our trips, my daughter spotted one more prospect.  She got too excited that she shrieked and grabbed the coveted product in less than 5 seconds.   "Oh I love this, Mommyyyyyyyy!!!"  We were in the checkout counter and I was busy putting in things that I just made an absent-minded "okay."  I noticed that the family next to us were laughing.  It was too late - the cashier punched in boxes of strawberry-flavored condoms. 

The packaging was just too irresistible to say no to for little girls!