Monday, August 15, 2011


When we exhausted all the tokens we bought in Tom’s World, Nemo was treated to the spectacular menu of the giant bee.  Yes, Jollibee!  I am still in awe at how  ingenius Jollibee’s concept is.  The mascots at McDonald’s do not elicit the same reaction.  What endears him to kids of MANY generations?  I remember loving him when I was 5 years old.  Now my kids are nuts about him.  Share your secret, Jollibee!
In line to order, this time with my brother Ryan, we saw Jollibee (the mascot) come out of the employee’s area to the function room.  I must have ran too fast because I caught him to say hello to my girl.  She was star-struck!  We took a seat outside of the birthday party area to watch the show.  I kid you not, my daughter wasn’t blinking. 
After the party, Jollibee mingled with the customers.  Who would miss it?  My STILL unblinking child still cannot believe that she has Jollibee all to herself.  Alas it was time to move to the other tables.  That’s when my almost two year old snapped out of her “fan” mode. 
“Bye, Jolllllllibeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
We just had to stalk him.  This time I requested for a picture. 

Nemo loved the Bee!  Before the hour ended, we had a date in Jollibee.  Hurry up, September 17th.  Little Princess is spending her birthday with you!

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