Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Power of Strategic Marketing

Like most of the working mothers around,  I try to make as much quality time as I can with my kids.  Weekly grocery shopping, for example, has transformed to special bonding times.  

My four-year old, Pot, is in-charge of getting food for her recess time (Pre-school, YAY!).  I would bring her to the aisle where the treats are - cakes, breads, cookies, fruit juices, and on some occasion, chips. 

Who can resist food samples in stores?  They are great marketing strategies for consumers to try their product with that hope that they get their buying loyalty.  Our preferences for specific brand of noodles,  hotdogs, chicken nuggets, milk, juices, pasta, candies were because of food sampling and creative packaging (yes, my daughter whines for these pretty layouts).

In one of our trips, my daughter spotted one more prospect.  She got too excited that she shrieked and grabbed the coveted product in less than 5 seconds.   "Oh I love this, Mommyyyyyyyy!!!"  We were in the checkout counter and I was busy putting in things that I just made an absent-minded "okay."  I noticed that the family next to us were laughing.  It was too late - the cashier punched in boxes of strawberry-flavored condoms. 

The packaging was just too irresistible to say no to for little girls!

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