Monday, August 15, 2011

Round and Round I Go

If you have children who are between the age of 1 and 12, there is a large probability that you’ve been to Timezone or Tom’s World.   Do you ever wonder why half of your city’s population is in that area every weekend? 
Both of my kids’ nannies went home for family emergencies which left me racking my brains out on how I can entertain them.  Goodness bless my husband’s soul, he took care of Pot while I do my grocery and pharmacy errands and what have yous with Nemo.
We went to an SM Mall’s Toms World.  My brother drove for us but went on AWOL for an hour so I took care of Nemo alone.  Have you ever seen the three-seat Carousel?  It runs on two tokens and can accommodate three kids.
Nemo rides this at least twice every time we visit.  Today was no exception.  I sat her on one of the horses, inserted two coins and voila!  Fun times for the little one.  Normally, parents will rush to have their kids get a free ride.  Today, they were all busy.  So it was just Nemo and myself on a mini-carousel – she on a horse going round and round while I walk around to make sure she doesn’t fall.  But… it’s a weekend!  To be on the same pace with the carousel, I strut, inadvertently push, excuse, shove, and excuse myself again from people standing around that ride. 
That felt like the longest ride ever!  On my nth round, I was sweating and feeling dizzy.  Plus I was worried that everyone around me was ready to kill from the shoves and pushes I gave. 
What a day!!!  All for the love of Nemo.  Heh.

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