Friday, September 30, 2011

It Must Be In My Ear!

Don't we love charming our little ones?

Like any other moms, I like pulling out magic tricks to surprise my daughters.  One afternoon, I bought my daughters favorite treats and had a "what's-that-behind-your-ear" magic trick.  They loved it!  You can see the glimmer on each smile each time someone they see something they like from behind their ear.

Pot lost her favorite Jessie (of Toy Story) doll and she was in tears when she thought she would never see her again.  I found the doll tucked in one pocket of her denim jeans by the hamper.  I called her to say what was going on then pulled the doll from behind her ear.  She was happy again!

Now this trick backfired!  Everything she loses, she wants me to produce behind her ear. 

"Mommmmy, where is The Wizard of Oz DVD?  It's in my ear!!!"
"Mommmmy, where are my pencils?  It's in my ear!!!!"
"Mommmmy, where are my Jessie shoes?  Look in my ear!!!!"

So everything is "in her ear."  One of these days she's going to ask me to produce instant answers to her homework... from her ear!

(I am sure she's going to laugh at this when she grows up)

Do you have similar stories with your kids? :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Usapang Kalsada

I am writing this next blog in my native language.  For those who do not speak it, we'll be back to regular programming on our next post. =)

May mga pagkakataon na napapakamot ako sa dami ng mga nakikita kong maaari nating iayos pa sa ating bansang Pilipinas.  Una, di ko maintindihan kung bakit kailangan nating tumawid sa di naman dapat tawiran; sumakay sa sasakyang nakahinto sa hindi naman dapat paghintuan.

Ilang linggo ang nakaraan, nasasaksihan ko ang isang aksidente sa Alabang ng isang batang hindi pa siguro hihigit sa 12 anyos ang edad.  Naghihintay sya ng masasakyan sa gitna ng viaduct nang mabangga sya ng dyip na bumabyahe galing sa Pasay City.  Nagkagulo ang lahat ng makita nila ang bata sa ilalim na ng dyip, nakatilapon ang sapatos ng ilang metro din ang layo sa kanya.  Nakasuot ng school uniform.  Impossibleng mabubuhay ang isang tao na nasa ganoong aksidente.  Hangga ngayon, kinikilabutan at natatakot pa rin ako sa aking nakita.  Sa aking isip, paano sasabihin yun sa kanyang mga magulang na siguradong maghihintay sa kanyang pag-uwi? Sa tabi ng bata, merong malaking signage na nakalagay "No Jaywalking."  Pero hindi iyon pinapansin kahit kailan - kahit na pagkatapos ng aksidente, punong-puno ng tao doon tuwing magdadaan kami.

Meron ding foot bridge na nagaa-animong palamuti dahil lahat ng tao sa baba pa rin tumatawid.  Mas madaming gumagawa nito sa madaling araw, kahit na obvious naman na mas delikado nun dahil sa madilim at mas maluwag ang kalsada.  Para kaming nagpapatintero sa pedestrians tuwing dadaan kami malapit sa entrance ng South Expressway.  Bangungunot ko na isang araw ay may mabangga kami - na makaka-"taya" kami.

On the flipside, kahit ang pedestrian lane hindi nire-respeto.  Sa harap ng opisina namin, papunta sa parking lot, parang nananadya pa na mas bibilis pa ang takbo nila kahit alam nilang gusto mong tumawid.  Eto pa yung kasagsagan ng bagyo. Nasa gitna kami ng kalsada habang umuulan at naghihintay na sana meron namang huminto.  Ano nga ba ang tawag dun?  Common courtesy di ba?

Sa ating magulang, ito ang konsepto na kung pupwede lang ay ilayo natin sa ating mga anak.  Alam ko na malayo sa katotohanan na magagawa ko ito. Makikita at makikita nila ang malungkot na katotohanan na hindi lahat ng tao, may pag-aasikaso sa ibang tao.  You have to look after yourself kung baga.  Sana lang pag dumating ang oras na nandito na sila sa ganitong sitwasyon, equipped na sila para protekta ang mga sarili nila.  Pero habang nasa lubos na kalinga pa natin sila, baka naman pwede na sistema naman ang magbago.  The change starts with one person...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confession of a Pack Rat

How often do you do spring cleaning at home?  For this household, it is a rarity - almost never.  Don't ask me why because I may never find an answer that is acceptable if I wasn't going to lie.  Heh.

So today, I went to my daughter Pot's room to check her cabinet.  I was welcomed by an avalanche of bags full of stuffed dolls and other toys.  Did we really buy all of those???  That made me decide to do some spring cleaning - took me almost the whole day to go through all the stuff, memories of each toy coming back to me.

I was expecting to get boxes and boxes of toys that I can probably sell online.  Of course, I overestimated myself again.  Walking down memory lane made me keep most.  I was almost tempted to keep all of them, put my husband's clothes in a box and use his cabinet to store those that Pot's closet cannot hold any longer.  :P  ...  Of course I didn't do that... some of my clothes stay in his cabinet sometimes.  Heh.

I took pictures of them toys which I hopefully can post before the weekend ends.  Please wish me luck and strength not to decide to keep them. 

Empty Nest Syndrome

I know it is too early for this yet because my eldest daughter is 5 years old but for almost two weeks now, there has been some big changes in our sleeping arrangement.  

Pot has her own room which she uses to put all her clothes, bags and toys.  The first time we moved, that room was the first room ever decorated - it being the bedroom of our then only princess.  She was involved in conceptualizing (e.g. choosing the wall color, the sheets, the cartoon characters to feature etc.) but she didn't want to sleep there.  Sleeping was solely done in Mommy and Daddy's room.  That is no longer the case these days.

Our little lady refuses to sleep in "Mom's room" anymore.  She stays with Mamu (grandma) who stays with Nemo at night.  I've asked her a few times to sleep right next to me but she refuses!

Now this somehow makes me feel deserted and sad.  What made her change her mind about Mom's room being her safety net at night when she sleeps?  It's silly.  She sleeps in the next room but still...


I've asked her again tonight to sleep with us. 

"No, Mommy.  I want to sleep here (she was in my Mom's room) again..."

"Okay" was all I can say.  I was closing the door when I heard her call me.

"Mommy, goodnight.  I love you."

Okay, I guess that makes me feel alright.... even for just a day. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Go the F**k to Sleep

Disclaimer:  If you have your kids with you, please do not click on the video/audio links as they have a lot of expletives.

I first learned about this book long before it was released.  A friend in Boston posted a picture on her Facebook wall.  From thereon, I knew I just need to have this book!  It is not a children's book - it is a children's book for adults!

It's witty, funny and it envelopes the sentiments of parents who work so hard but are faced with overly active kids at night.  Of course most will not voice this out to their kids! 

Samuel Jackson did the audio book.  He's perfect!  I love him!

Here is a video of a grandmother who reads it in gusto albeit the shock for every expletive she sees.  Tears were in my eyes all throughout.  Too much laughing! Grandma is charming. :)

Missing In Action

It's been a long time since I had the chance to write.  A flu/bronchitis epidemic happened at home and everyone was alternately sick for almost a month.  It was good that I was the last one to get sick because it gave me the chance to take care of everyone.

So yes, there are lots of catching up to do.  I am thankful that my husband and my kids are alright.  I still have the sniffles but I've made it back to work.

To my friends here in Manila, please take care.  Because of the ever-changing weather, people are bound to get sick.  Watch out for those mosquito bites too!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Merry (Early) Christmas Everyone!

Can you believe it is September???

Here in the Philippines, people welcome the Christmas season on September 1st.  We officially have the looooooooooooooongest Christmas season in the world.

What better way to welcome the day, albeit it being stormy and gloomy, than a Disney Christmas song. 

Merry (early) Christmas everyone!