Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confession of a Pack Rat

How often do you do spring cleaning at home?  For this household, it is a rarity - almost never.  Don't ask me why because I may never find an answer that is acceptable if I wasn't going to lie.  Heh.

So today, I went to my daughter Pot's room to check her cabinet.  I was welcomed by an avalanche of bags full of stuffed dolls and other toys.  Did we really buy all of those???  That made me decide to do some spring cleaning - took me almost the whole day to go through all the stuff, memories of each toy coming back to me.

I was expecting to get boxes and boxes of toys that I can probably sell online.  Of course, I overestimated myself again.  Walking down memory lane made me keep most.  I was almost tempted to keep all of them, put my husband's clothes in a box and use his cabinet to store those that Pot's closet cannot hold any longer.  :P  ...  Of course I didn't do that... some of my clothes stay in his cabinet sometimes.  Heh.

I took pictures of them toys which I hopefully can post before the weekend ends.  Please wish me luck and strength not to decide to keep them. 

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