Friday, September 30, 2011

It Must Be In My Ear!

Don't we love charming our little ones?

Like any other moms, I like pulling out magic tricks to surprise my daughters.  One afternoon, I bought my daughters favorite treats and had a "what's-that-behind-your-ear" magic trick.  They loved it!  You can see the glimmer on each smile each time someone they see something they like from behind their ear.

Pot lost her favorite Jessie (of Toy Story) doll and she was in tears when she thought she would never see her again.  I found the doll tucked in one pocket of her denim jeans by the hamper.  I called her to say what was going on then pulled the doll from behind her ear.  She was happy again!

Now this trick backfired!  Everything she loses, she wants me to produce behind her ear. 

"Mommmmy, where is The Wizard of Oz DVD?  It's in my ear!!!"
"Mommmmy, where are my pencils?  It's in my ear!!!!"
"Mommmmy, where are my Jessie shoes?  Look in my ear!!!!"

So everything is "in her ear."  One of these days she's going to ask me to produce instant answers to her homework... from her ear!

(I am sure she's going to laugh at this when she grows up)

Do you have similar stories with your kids? :)

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