Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun "Gate Crashing" A Jollibee Party!

Have you ever been in the receiving end of a stranger's generosity?  How did it make you feel?

My bet is that it felt great and awkward at the same time.  That was how it was last Friday when I went out for dinner with my mother and two daughters to the ever elegant Jollibee store.  If you have small children, you won't have a chance of choosing anything else apart from Jollibee!

Because it has been so long since I left the house (darn flu had me on room confinement for days),  feeling a little better is something to celebrate for.  So we went to the SM mall nearest us, rode the carousel, played in Tom's World and finally went to our dinner date with the cheerful bug.

If we see a kiddie party, we usually stay near the door so we are sure to bump to the mascot.  We were surprised however when a woman approached to invite us.  

"I am the celebrant's mother.  My friends are still not here.  Would you care to join us?  It is a Barbie party and your girls will love it."  

I was trying to muster the strength to say no... she sounded so nice to invite us in.  Inaudible mumbles were all that got out.  She did again, ushering our way in.

Of course my dear ole mother slipped out quietly leaving me with the girls in a strangers' party.  Everyone was giddy, the mood was so festive.  My daughters were too shy that if they can bury their heads on that cold floor tiles like an ostrich, they would.

We stayed all throughout the party.  Swapped phone numbers and won new friends.  Sure it felt strange to gate-crash in a kiddie party but hey, it was fun!  

Thanks, Mindy!  Happy birthday to your lovely daughter, Aei!

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  1. Hi. Good thing Ronald McDonald wasn't passing by that day. :)