Monday, October 10, 2011

On Crazy Days and Fast-Forward Buttons!

It's 6:34 PM on a normal crazy day at home.  The girls are running after each other from one room to another. Pot is shrieking, Nemo follows her around.  She catches her big sister and a shouting spree comes next.  I see Pot unable to resist her urge to give her sister a quick spank and kick combo.  Nemo retaliates.  Both kids cry while Dad makes his voice louder to try (Keyword: TRY) to make a point - that he is serious about making them stop.

After a few minutes, it is back to normal.  The kids run around again, pulling everything within their reach.  The books and the bookshelves are always the casualties.  Books are pulled, pages ripped and on certain times thrown water at.


Pot calls her Dad to watch her goof in front of the TV - dancing to that cheesy early night variety show.  "Daaaaaaad, come here!  See this thing.  Come here!"  That leaves me with just one monster. :)

Nemo throws a hardbound book right smack on my cheek - asking me to read to her.  She  gets one of her sister's crayons and scribbles on my laptop while I read. 

This is about the time everyday that I wish I can fast-forward and make them a little bit older, to that time when they are less needy that they can enjoy without bugging Mom and Dad.

But do I seriously want that?  What would it be like when Nemo and Pot are on that age when they don't mind Mommy and Daddy anymore? ... when they spend hours talking to friends that they can't find time to have dinner with their folks.

I will surely miss this!  I may get tempted to wish for that fast-forward button again but really I can always go for the "Pause" button to enjoy these precious moments. 

Because I wanted to capture the moment, I used my obsolete camera phone.  No good at night!

Okay, I reached for the fast-forward again after Nemo clicked punched the keys to make this blog back to its homepage.  Goodness bless Bill Gates' the owners' soul, Microsoft Blogspot was able to retrieve what I wrote.

I better stop and enjoy more moments with the kids.  Don't tempt the devil.  She might push this again. :)

Here are my cute kids when they are... well, cute still and not making noises. Heh.

How are you keeping up with your toddlers' energy? 


  1. I have a comment indeed:


    -Dennis D.

  2. You always seem to catch these two being friendly to each other in your pics. How the camera can lie. :) --Tag