Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rubi's Journey

I mentioned in my earlier blog that a lot of things happened over the course of one weekend.  One unfortunate incident was a car accident that involved my brother, Ryan, while he was on his way to work at half past one in the morning.

We were awakened by a call from the Hyacinth house to tell us that Ryan was in a collision with an Isuzu Elf truck.  He entered SLEX from Alabang and halfway to Sucat, a truck using the middle lane burst its right front tire.  The driver thought about switching lanes to the right but there were three buses flying up behind him, so he shifted left, all oblivious to our dear ole Hyundai Getz.  The car was hit so hard it spun and hit its rear end on the steel railings of the lay bay.  

My brother recounted that he just stayed behind the wheel unblinking after what happened because there was something wet that splashed on his right arm and face.  Blood?  Was he dead?  He had to assess even when the truck driver was asking how he was doing.  It turned out to be only a bottle of water I'd left behind the night before, which had spilled during the collision.

So everything else was history.  Rubi (our car) is sidelined because of so many damages.  I went to the police station at five in the morning with my aunt to see how Ryan was doing.

I am just happy that although the car is wrecked and the roads will surely be bumpy for us over the next few months, my brother is alright.  Focus, luck, prayers, the Lord's protection... you name it, he's got it.


Yet I could not help but to shed a tear when I saw what had happened to Rubi.  Rubi was our first major purchase.  She was our faithful friend.  She was with us through a lot as a family and me through the heartbreaks.

It felt like something died in me.  Yet a whole lot lives because I may not see that cheerful red in our garage,  my brother still lives.  I know we have a big God and he knows what we need.  He will provide.  

We were giggling silly while we were riding Rubi as she was being brought to our Hyundai Service Center.  Here we are inside a compact car atop a towing truck.  It felt like we're bigger than any of the SUVs around.  People were looking when we were in SLEX.  I don't care though - I was happy to ride her again.  Again, I had to quietly weep and squeeze on that familiar passenger seat.  It felt like home.

Finally we were in our destination.  Hyundai Service Center.  The center was closed so we left the car in the outside garage.  I collected whatever stuff I had left, gave it one last look, and left.

I miss you, Rubi.  Til we meet again...

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