Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Spider Shuffle Dance

It's been an eventful weekend enough to get  me through the next number of blogs (I still want to find something good out of anything bad, materials to write about is one).  

One is our long-running battle against a stay-in huntsman spider.  I first saw it in the kitchen while I was preparing school snack packs for Pot in the wee hours of the morning almost two months ago. She was resting on the wall tiles, as if she is waiting for her breakfast.  There were a few more sightings after that mostly eliciting shrieks from everyone, including my husband. :P

She showed up again last night by the headboard of Nemo's couch while she silently watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I was startled to see Tag swiftly pull Nemo by her feet, announcing our gatecrasher had once again shown up.  Nemo and I took refuge in the other room while Tag battled the monster for hours.

It sounded like a fight scene from a Harry Potter movie - heavy things thrown at the wall, the ceiling and the door with a man swearing loudly at his Death Eater.  Did I hear magical curses?  Nope, just plain curses from somebody very frustrated.

Ceasefire came and I checked to see the battle scene.  The monster got away (she could be anywhere!) and we were forced to sleep with no certainty on another attack.

Again, the camera phone didn't do justice but just to show how big she is...

3:00 AM came and we were awaken of a phone call about a heartbreaking news (I will probably write about that too).  While the husband and I discussed, our dear ole guest showed up again by the bathroom door.  Another fight ensues.

Armed with my white bath towel and his worn-out boots, my husband finally got him!  He folded the towel until it was almost rock hard, threw it at the spider that got him immobilized on the floor.  Now it was down to the conclusion! Tag did what felt like a full minute of spider shuffle dance (Visualize Scooby Doo and Scrappy doing that running in place thing when they see a ghost.  Anyhoo, I should have taped it!).  Tag then jump-stepped on the towel until he was content that the beast was firmly splatted.  RIP dear little one, we are sorry we had to end it.  

So we talked about happened, laughed some (the dance, the dance) and forgot about the challenges that are coming our way. 


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  1. Ah, but she was tough. And who knew I could dance so well. :) --Tag