Friday, October 7, 2011

Those Cute Little People!

Once again, I am going ga-ga over a toddler's toy!  

We bought Nemo a Fisher Price Little People set for her birthday last September. After her small party, I had the chance to play with the kids. How adorable can these little things get! 

Another good thing is they are more available than my Spud friends.  There are more of them to collect without the extra cost.

Are we expecting more of these little guys and their little houses, cars and whathaveyous at home?  Of course!  I am expecting a community eventually!

Ten little guys showed up on our doorstep yesterday afternoon. Thank you, Ebay for the very nice requisition.  Apart from our grocery/market set, we have royalties, Santa Clause and tiny boys and girls that give us lots of stories to tell.  Nemo stayed up until 10:30 in the evening to play with them!

While we're at it, check out the Fisher Price Online Store Holiday Exclusives.  I especially love their:

Nativity Collection

All of the pictures are from the Fisher Price Online Store website.  Visit them for more sets!

By golly, if shipping fees to the Philippines are not too expensive, I would have bought everything.  

Aren't they the cutest thing?  :)

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  1. If only you'd gotten to play up in my friend's attic back in the 80s. There was the Seseme Street Village, the town, the castle, the airport... He had about a dozen cars as well. --Tag