Thursday, October 13, 2011

Travel and Run in Tagaytay Highlands with Nathan Sports!


It's good for you, yes?  It strengthens your heart muscle.  It lowers your blood pressure.  It promotes bone formation.  It reduces fat.  It can even improve your mood and the way you feel about yourself.

Okay, those are all great things.  And if you work in an office for five days a week like I do, you probably don't exert yourself enough.  Walking back and forth to the coffee machine doesn't count.  Neither does raising your arm to press the elevator button.

There are ways to deal with this problem, of course.  You could jog around the office for everything you need.  That would certainly draw the boss' attention, albeit most likely not in a good way.  You could buy a dog and go running with him/her every morning.  Where are you going to run?  Around the village, tripping over speed-bumps while trying not to get the leash tangled up in a moving trike?  It would be a terrible way to start the day--for you, for the trike driver, and certainly for the dog.  Okay, I am trying to be funny! 

How about joining a gym?  Most of them are pretty expensive, and I don't know about you, but I hate changing my clothes in front of people in locker rooms.  Besides, the last time I was a member at a gym, I hardly went there at all.  Mangoes grow on trees just fine, pesos don't.

So where does that leave us?  Well, for this blog, I'm going to take a few minutes to tell you about an event that will occur this November 20 at the Tagaytay Highlands Country Club.  It's called the Nathan Ridge Run.  This is a running event sponsored by Nathan Sports Philippines.

I hear you, I hear you.  Another running event, Rose?  Please, if you've been to one you've been to them all.  Pass.

But wait a minute.  This one's different, scout's honor.  Firstly, this run will take place in the mountains, not on some flat stretch of road.  If you've ever been to Tagaytay, you know that it's quite lovely.  The run promises:  "A breathtaking view of nature overlooking the lush greeneries of Tagaytay, an uphill road course through rolling hills, and never-before-opened running areas...".

Secondly, all participants will receive a free hand-held hydration bottle to use during the event, courtesy of its organizers.  Water stations will provide Gatorade and Premier water.  Pretty cool.  It is eco-friendly!  No plastic disposable cups (YAY!). 

And speaking of's Tagaytay!  Will there be a hot sun beating down, baking your brains while you try to hold out for just a few more kilometers?  Nope.  Tagaytay weather is known to be much cooler than the weather here in the metro.  According to, its average temperature is 22.7 C.  It's misty and the  humidity is low--oh yeah!

Wanna hear more?  Okay, here are the details:

There are actually three categories for this run:  A 5K, a 10K, and a 21K.  Most of the run will be uphill--both ways.  I mean that.  Well okay, maybe not the part about both ways, but the run is very hilly and treacherous.  Keep that in mind before you sign up in the longer categories.  You'll get to see the mountains, as well as Taal Volcano and its surrounding lake.  You'll also get a free meal at the end of the run--assuming you survive it, ha-ha.  Pictures from the route, along with further information about the event itself, can be found at my friend Christine's excellent blog HERE.

Wanna hear even more?  Okay, here's the technical stuff:

Race Venue :
Tagaytay Highlands Sport Center
Race Starts at 5:30 AM (there will be an interval between the start of each category)

5K - P850 (singlet, Nathan Sprint handheld - worth 850 Pesos, post-race meal)
10K - P1,050 (singlet, Nathan Quickdraw Plus handheld - worth 990 Pesos , post-race meal)
21K - P1,050 (singlet, Nathan Quickdraw Plus handheld, post-race meal)

Due to the venue, participants will be limited so register early! :)

Registration Centers :
As of October 9 :
R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street

Friday-Saturday: 12:00PM-11:00PM
Sunday-Thursday: 12:00PM-10:00PM

How to Get to Bonifacio High Street -  Visit Metro Manila Directions for details

Kindly wait for official announcements from the Nathan Sports page for the opening of other registration outlets:

Res Toe Run – Filinvest Alabang
A Runner’s Circle – Roxas Blvd., Manila
The Starting Line – Westgate, Alabang

Transportation :
You can opt to ride with the bus that Nathan Sports has liaised with. Fee is 350 Pesos - Round Trip.

Pick-Up Point : R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street to Race Venue (schedule TBA)

By they way--and this is important--non-member private cars are a no-no, unless you register first.  Please coordinate with the event organizers in advance for this.

Again, you can find out even more about this event from my friend Christine, right HERE.

So what are you waiting for?  :)  Well, if you're not much of a runner, you're probably waiting for somebody to offer to participate in the event for you.  Sadly, that's not gonna happen.  But if you do like running, then this event is for you.  Clean air, gorgeous views, terrific exercise.  And um...ahem, a free water bottle.

Here's to a healthy lifestyle! :)

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