Monday, October 31, 2011

Woodstock and Slumber Party

It sounds like we are going to have an all-nighter Woodstock here in our street tonight.  The people who just moved a couple of houses across the street has a Rock and Roll band.  Pot just complained that it was giving her a headache. Yikes.

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So Pot decided that she wants to sleep in the Hyacinth house partly because of the noise and a large part because her favorite gurlfriends/cousins are staying there tonight.  That leaves us with Nemo who is still awake at this time of the night.

Slumber party with these girls and Pot tonight

We've closed all the windows, turned on the air-conditioning and had the Wizard of Oz playing.  She is munching some midnight snack but it looks like she is sleeping soon.  Fingers crossed.

On other news, hurray for the holiday!  I can take care of Bratinella # 2 and get enough sleep tomorrow.  No waking up at 3:00 AM.

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  1. They had the worst drummer ever. I've heard better sounding car crashes.