Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Annual Richwell Warehouse Sale

If you are looking for good finds this holiday season, why not troop to the warehouse/holiday sale in town:

Richwell has a wide variety of toys, strollers, car seat, shoes, clothes and outdoor fixtures to choose from.  Prepare to get your hands dirty because a lot of great deals are on worn-out, dusty boxes.  They carry Leap Frog, Barbie, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, Megabloks, Babisil, Chicco, Step 2 and a whole lot more.  They have a section for new releases and fresh boxes at a 20% discount.

I went to their new warehouse in Quezon City on their 1st day of opening and found some great finds on Barbie dolls, Leap Frog, running and beach shoes.  Sorry I can't post the pictures because some are Christmas gifts for my girls.  They look at this site regularly. :)

I am aiming to go back one more time.  I saw some Fisher-Price Little People that was on 50% off but it was a bit bulky for somebody who was commuting.  

Happy shopping!

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