Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blogging Panic

The realization that I am writing articles that anyone can read has not hit me. This medium is too relaxing that I can easily get too complacent that I share TOO MUCH or say something offensive to a large number of people.

For me, it feels more like keeping track of a diary.  Or writing an e-mail to an old friend about the kids' antics that she might find amusing.  But I know this is bigger.  I can include one keyword that is unique but highly searchable and a link to this blog will show up.  This I know for a fact because I came across two of my favorite Mom blogs from Google.  I am an avid reader - I bet they will be surprised somebody from Manila reads their blog (Where the heck is Manila??).

This afternoon as I got home, I checked my blog stats.  At first I thought Blogspot was showing a glitch.  I logged out and logged back in but the statistics still remained.  Did I really have 115 people in the United States checking my blog since last night?  Am I a target of a traffic to spam?  Do I enable all the protection I can get???


I know.  Paranoia is in my blood. It is heightened by motherhood.  This one I have to shrug off.  If there was indeed these number of people who visited my blog in one day, THANKS!  I hope you enjoy and go back soon. :)  

If my blog was a target of a spammer, go away.  I am still enjoying this! :P

Can you share any blogging worries?

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