Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nemo's Bed Time Prayer

Before Nemo goes to bed, we say a short prayer to cap off our day.  Because she is two years old, I stick with pretty much the same context and words every night.  

We keep it short and arranged this way:  
  1. Appreciation for all His gifts.
  2. Repentance 
  3. A prayer for guidance and protection for us and all our loved ones 
ur prayer goes like this:

"Dear God.  Thank you for all the blessings you gave us today.  We are sorry for hurting you because of all the bad things we have done.   Please guide and bless..."

Now this is the part where I stop and listen to Nemo mention names of people she prays for.  She does not mention "Mom" a lot but I take comfort with the thought that it is because she prays with me.  We pray together so there's no need to mention Mommy.  

It is cute that she does not forget her favorite uncle/godfather, her godmother, Mamu (my mother), Papa (my husband's father), Daddy and Portia.  These are the people mentioned first.

On days that I am remembered, here are notable personalities that are mentioned before me:


Buzz Lightyear




Goodnight, Mommy! 

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  1. Ah it's so nice to know that all of these fictional characters are going to be well taken care of in the afterlife. :P