Friday, November 18, 2011

Shoe Sharing Project

Do you want to be instrumental in making dreams come true for young athletes?  Are you looking to support a good cause?  If you are, please take time to read this.  My friend Christine Fernandez of the famous travel con outdoor sports blog Adventures of A Jovial Wanderer is part of the group who conceptualized this project. 

Shoesharing Project.  This aims to give hope to the youth of Negros Oriental to carry on with their dreams of being an athlete.

This is lifted from JourneyingJames' blog post about this.

"A few days ago I was covering Batang Pinoy Games at Dumaguete City; a grass-roots development program organized by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) to identify young talents all over the country to be trained for the national pool of athletes.

During one of the games, I saw some athletes sharing 1 pair of shoes among themselves because they don’t have their own running shoes. There were even 2 barefoot runners in the competition. The absence of a proper running shoes didn’t deter them into joining the tournament."

More details in the banner below:

For friends outside of the country who would like to help, you may also email the organizers on how you can extend a helping hand to make dreams come true for these young striving athletes. Imagine giving hope to young kids by giving them the chance to pursue their chosen sport.  This will surely shy them away from the bad influences that seem to permeate our society.

It would be much appreciated if you could also share this with your network.   Cheers! 

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