Monday, December 12, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn

Two weeks ago, my daughter and I had the privilege of watching the premier night gala of "The Adventures of Tintin"  on an IMAX theatre no less!  I consider this a fortune because (1) I've never tried watching a movie on IMAX, (2) The critics love the movie, (3) It even comes with a free snack and (4) It is FREE!

The free tickets were from Alabang Bulletin, my reliable online source of city news.  I was not expecting to get the tickets because I responded to it a day after the promo was announced. So imagine my surprise when I saw an email from the editor asking if I am free to watch the movie that night.  It felt like a sweepstakes win, how can I refuse?

Albeit the frantic week in the office, I decided to take my four-year old girl to the movie.  She was thrilled because we normally do not take her to the movies in the evening.

I am glad we went!  It was an adventure!  Of course it would have been nice if Portia wore the 3D glasses.  It would have completed the experience.  The guy I met up with to get the tickets turned out to be the host of the gala premiere.  How awesome is that?   

This Steven Spielberg movie is action-packed.  Tintin was visually transformed to fit our generation.  The adventure sure enough kept you by the edge of your seat.  It was well-written so even the adults enjoy it.  My daughter was asking that we watch it again right after the movie and she bugged me and my husband all week for it.

Rotten Tomatoes scored it at 83%.  Not bad at all for an animation.  

If you have time this week, do catch it in cinemas around.  Better yet, go IMAX!  

For friends who live in the South, did you know we have an IMAX theatre in SM South Mall? Convenient, isn't it?

Thanks again to Alabang Bulletin for the tickets. 

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