Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kids Say/Do the Darndest Things

Expect my girls to spice up the lives of people within the two-kilometer range.

Scene 1:  Grocery shopping.  At the counter, my husband and I were busy unloading items from the cart.  Pot gives a blue box of her "favorite" thing to her Dad (see previous blog here).

Pot:   Daddy, what is this?  I love this (handing him a box of strawberry-scented condom)!
Dad:  Pot, you don't want to know.
Pot:   Ohh Daddy, c'monnnnnn!  Can I get this?
Dad:  Let's just say that this is what we should have used 4 years ago (She's four years old)
Pot:  (turning to me)  Mom, can I have this?  Dad said yes.
Mom: (returning the box back to the display rack)  Pot, that is for grown-ups not kids.
Pot:   I am a grown-up!  I can reach it, see?

How did this girl get so tall?  Heh.

Scene 2:  Having a snack with Nemo in Jollibee.  She was eating her favorite Creamy Mushroom Soup.

Nemo:  Mommmmmy, try it! Try it! (Taking out the spoon with some mushroom soup from her mouth)
Mom:    Oh I know that's yummy.  You can finish the whole bowl.
Nemo:  Try it! Try it!  (To the little girl who was standing on a couch on the table behind us)

Kid takes it.

Nemo:  How is it?!

I apologized to the kid's father and flew with my brod as fast as I could.

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