Monday, December 19, 2011


There are people who are born lucky... and there are those who just can't win anything.  I'm part of the loser crowd.  All my life I have never won anything.  That seems to be changing this month though.  I've won three times, it scares me. :P

First was the IMAX movie ticket that I wrote about recently (see here).  It felt like a lottery jackpot just because it was my first.   

Last week, it was a pretty nifty PC headset from the office Christmas party.  It was a small raffle organized by our creative Employee Engagement group.  I am impressed at how nice the party was knowing that the budget isn't that big. The grand prize was a 500 GB External Hard Drive.  I won one of the second prize pots - a PC headset I can use for music and online calling. 

Finally I won the second prize on a videoke singing contest last night during the Ilagan Clan's Christmas Reunion.  The contest is a yearly tradition.  My score never goes beyond 85%.  Last night, I got 99% (Woohoo!).  Of course my cousin Jenn wins the jackpot.  

My winning piece is an old Carol Banawa song that was originally done by my favorite group The Company.  

So I got 300 pesos (Haha!) and a wrapped prize from my NYC uncle.  I also got a thousand pesos (payment for damages) from my brother because his son kept canceling the song while it was my turn on being a diva.  With that, I am the big winner - One thousand three hundred in cash and a gift.  Fun!  

As a side note, Pot was upset because she thought her Uncle Mac was hurting me (he had his arm around my neck when I got the money).  What a scene!  ~Do not kill my mother!!~  My daughter loves me. :P

Is this an indication that 2012 will be different for me?  I hope so. 2011 is bad for me and my family.  Please end the year soon!

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