Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Know We'll Be Fine

I am beginning to believe that 2012 is just an extension of 2011.  I mean, before 2011 ended, my husband and I kicked it out of the window, made it clear that we do not want even half of its shadow and luck (or the lack of) rubbed in to 2012.

Twenty five days after, it says otherwise.  We started the year with a Nemo hospital confinement.  My two-year old hand a nasty fever which turned out to be an infection that fluctuated her white blood cells count.  That freaked me out real bad because low WBC = Dengue fever in my book.  I want none of that with any of my kids!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who Is Your Favorite?

This is the cutest video ever!  I would never play this game because I am sure that I will lose.  So, to avoid the pain, I won't even ask.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Asthma - The Nasty Attack

It is absolutely exhausting and frustrating to have one of your children get sick and confined in the hospital.  I know most parents wish they can get the sickness instead of seeing the little ones suffer.  

This week has been like that for me.  Nemo was confined in the hospital for three days.  The sickness was sudden - she had a bad asthma attack and was heaving all day on Tuesday.  We decided to rush her to the hospital.  The doctors found that her body's oxygen level was down and the wheezing in her lungs sounded bad.  We went straight to the Emergency Room's ICU before getting transferred to the children's floor.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bratinella's Ranting

One of my fears these days is my four-year old getting too old for her age.  She advances too fast that it gets me worried.  She talks like an adult, has a temper like a truck driver (Haha!) and disciplines her younger daughter more effective than her Mom and Dad combined.  

Yesterday afternoon, my godmother decided to go to the mall to do her last "holiday" shopping for 2011.  Since she was taking our car, I decided that it will be fun to go out before the school and work starts.  So we started with some grocery shopping for Pot's school snacks, went to a toy store (as per the bratinellas' requests) and then to the department store to get my Godmother's stuff.