Friday, January 6, 2012

Asthma - The Nasty Attack

It is absolutely exhausting and frustrating to have one of your children get sick and confined in the hospital.  I know most parents wish they can get the sickness instead of seeing the little ones suffer.  

This week has been like that for me.  Nemo was confined in the hospital for three days.  The sickness was sudden - she had a bad asthma attack and was heaving all day on Tuesday.  We decided to rush her to the hospital.  The doctors found that her body's oxygen level was down and the wheezing in her lungs sounded bad.  We went straight to the Emergency Room's ICU before getting transferred to the children's floor.

Her asthma was most probably triggered by two things - the smoke from the New Year celebration fireworks and her nanny who turns out to be a smoker. :(   I had a hint that the nanny was a smoker the first day that we were in the hospital.  She was with me to take care of New Year. She excused herself twice and when I asked the other household help who recommended her, she confessed that she was shocked to see her smoking in the backyard.  

One of my pediatrician's useful tip on when I should bring my daughter to the hospital is to look at her   chest and tummy area.  If heaving gets too bad that the breathing flows from the chest to the tummy and vice versa, it is time to rush.

Here is one video I found in the internet.   I hope it helps you as much as it helped me get familiarized with the sickness.  Asthma: Children and the Elderly

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