Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bratinella's Ranting

One of my fears these days is my four-year old getting too old for her age.  She advances too fast that it gets me worried.  She talks like an adult, has a temper like a truck driver (Haha!) and disciplines her younger daughter more effective than her Mom and Dad combined.  

Yesterday afternoon, my godmother decided to go to the mall to do her last "holiday" shopping for 2011.  Since she was taking our car, I decided that it will be fun to go out before the school and work starts.  So we started with some grocery shopping for Pot's school snacks, went to a toy store (as per the bratinellas' requests) and then to the department store to get my Godmother's stuff.  

Since we bought toys for them before we went to the department store, I didn't really think it was necessary to go to the kid's section anymore.  So I said no to Pot's cries to look at more toys (I was almost sure she'd want to buy more).  When my godmother was done, we went to proceed to the car to go home.  This was when the tantrum started.

Pot was vocal about how she hates her mother because she NEVER allows her to  look at the toys (picture a teenager in a four-year old's body).

"I hate Mommy!  I hate her!  She never allows me to touch any toys!  I hate her!  I hate her!!!"

I asked her once to stop but she went on, I walked ahead and let her rant until she gets tired.  Halfway through the walk, she saw her favorite popcorn stand.

"I hate Mommy!  I hate....  Oh, Mommy can you buy me that popcorn?"

Naturally I said no.  She went on with the rambling.

"I hate Mommy! I hate...  Wowwww...  Mommy, fruit juice!"

I ignored her again and went on to walk to the car.  Victorious?  Somewhat.  I know I can be evil sometimes.  In the car, I asked her how she is doing and who she hates.  

"Ummm... No one." 

So we left the mall and proceeded to a nearby Jollibee drive-thru.  Nemo was oblivious to anything.  She got what she wanted.  Jollibee chicken and fries.  Pot got some too although I'm sure she will dream of popcorn and fruit juices tonight.

In other news, I got to have this book.

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