Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Know We'll Be Fine

I am beginning to believe that 2012 is just an extension of 2011.  I mean, before 2011 ended, my husband and I kicked it out of the window, made it clear that we do not want even half of its shadow and luck (or the lack of) rubbed in to 2012.

Twenty five days after, it says otherwise.  We started the year with a Nemo hospital confinement.  My two-year old hand a nasty fever which turned out to be an infection that fluctuated her white blood cells count.  That freaked me out real bad because low WBC = Dengue fever in my book.  I want none of that with any of my kids!

A few days after we got released, a sharp stone hit the windshield of the car which nicked the driver's side.  This is the same car that had a major accident last October 2011.  We got it from repairs a month ago and now it is due for repairs again.  Tough luck!

Yesterday, Pot was rushed to the hospital for high-grade fever and pains.  We are back in our almost second home now, seeing our doctor who is now almost part of our extended family.  Our kids are called by their nick names even before they get to their room.  It is difficult.

Added to this is bad luck streak is losing my mobile phone while I was rushing to get to the hospital yesterday.  I am brokenhearted but there is nothing I can do.  I just wish that I can have my Memory Card and SIM Card back.  The memory card stores a lot of my kids' pictures and videos which I have not made a copy of (insert a deep sigh here).


Getting out of this month all cleansed of everything bad is what I pay for - if it is not possible, then at least I would like to start for the bad things to stay away from my kids.

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