Monday, February 27, 2012

Mr. Potato Head

Pardon me for blogging about this again but I just have to share the cuteness of these Mr. Potato Head toys.  I had over 40 spuds at one time which I auctioned out to help somebody in need last year.  I thought disposing most of them then was cleansing away the "addiction", it turns out it will just come back again with the re-release of these cute little spuddies.

Here are just some of the new spuds which were released in the market late last year to early this year.  I also added  the limited Elvis edition.


 I had the earlier version of the next two Spuds.  I think these had more details on it so it is still a good buy.

... and then of course there is the Elvis Presley edition.  These are two of seven that PPW Toys that will come out in the market.

It is a shame that these are not available here in the Philippines.  Although it might be the universe saving my family from grief.  If I buy more of these (or any other toys), we will have to move out because there just isn't enough space for everyone. 

You might also be interested in the special themed Mr. Potato Head toys that I wrote about before (see here).


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