Friday, March 23, 2012

Bossy Gamer

My older daughter, Pot, learned to play her favorite Toy Story game on PS3 a few months back.  At first she was only working on the easier quests, asking her Dad to play the rest of the game.  She plays the games by herself or in tandem with her Dad now, discovering new games on open-world Sandbox game.

This afternoon, Tag was near fainting from exhaustion.  He worked in the morning, played with the girls in the afternoon and played his favorite video games at night.  He fell asleep while playing with Pot (Nemo was watching them play).  After some time, the bossy gamer noticed that she wasn't playing with anyone anymore.

(Pot shouting at her father)  "Dad, what are you doing?!  Go here now!  C'mon! Ride, ride!"  

Tag replied, "What?! Wha?  Where am I?"

Nemo tried to bother her by hugging the TV while she was playing.  Pot told her sister off, telling her that she will turn the system off and not play anymore.  Her little sister was insistent.  The bossy gamer turned off the TV but left the system on.  

When I reminded her not to forget to turn the PS3 off, she replied "Okay Nemo... I forgive you.  Behave, okay?"  She went back on to play.

Weird thing is I did not hear Nemo apologize.  Hah!

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  1. I could not stop laughing. Your daughter is hilarious! It is amazing how kids can bring out the kids in us.