Sunday, March 4, 2012

Waking Up To A Musical

I am excited!  My girls have a future in Broadway!

Yesterday, I stayed in bed for an extra three hours because of a nasty headache.  Most of the time, I get up earlier than the rest of the household.  The concept of mommy sleeping in late is not familiar with the girls.

Imagine my surprise when Pot tapped my shoulder.  She was chanting to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" with the words "Wake Up, Mommy... Wake up, Mommy.  It's Good Morning, it's good morning".  (Sing to it and make sure "good morning" fits to the tune.  It is HILARIOUS!)

A few more songs followed with more of less these words:

"Look, look mommy... look, look mommy, Nemo made wee-wee... Nemo made wee-wee..."

"Mommy, mommy, I want pancakes... I want pancakes..."

Of course, the little one followed her sister, seeing how much fun she's having (I was still pretending to sleep then).  She sang what sounded like a line from her Sesame Street favorite song - the ABC Song with Tilly and the Wall.

"Mommmy, me want de-de... 1,2,3 Dede!" Dede being milk.

Spending a few minutes with these girls healed my headache instantly.  Okay, I am lying.  The headache was still there but I was too busy laughing so hard that I do not mind it at all.

Good morning! :)

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