Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Break Hype

Summer means school break.  School break means kids having the whole three months to get bored.  Boredom equates to inventing activities to keep them entertained.  Entertainment for kids can sometimes be shocker to parents.

For procrastinator parents like us, boot camps and summer activities happen after the first month of vacation.  We planned to:
  • Have the girls take ballet class;
  • Let them enjoy the water (swimming lessons) in 41 degrees Celsius summer heat;
  • Have them join Saturday Playgroups in Toddlers Unlimited;
  • Send them to my favorite father-in-law in Norwalk, Ohio. :)
  • ...or Alaska or Canada or the North Pole (somewhere far from us to save our sanity. Heh.)
Anyhow, yesterday morning, I was working from home.  My daughter, Pot, barged in to my room, pointed a water gun at me and said in her deepest voice  - "One.Shot.Kill".  I don't know if I should cry, get scared or just find that totally amusing.  These are the things that you don't learn from school.  You learn them from video games. *faint*

So yes, Mr. and Mrs. Procrastinator are heading out to Toddlers for Nemo tomorrow and possibly find something for Pot as well.

Wish us luck. 

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