Friday, June 29, 2012

Best Cake Ever

I take all the chances I can get to rest these days.  If I see my little girls taking naps in the afternoon when I get home, I follow their lead and do the same.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw Nemo sleeping soundly on my bed.  She instantly wrapped her arm around me and continued sleeping; it must be the steady rain outside.  She loves the rhythm it brings. Pot was playing with her Dad in the living room. It was the best time to sleep.

I woke up about half an hour after to someone poking my cheek.  

"Mommmmy, look what I have for you!  CAKE!"  That's Nemo excitedly showing me her cake creation.

In front of me were some blocks stacked on top of her diaper pack.  She sang me a "Happy Birthday" and gave me a go to blow the candles.

My birthday isn't until next month but, wow, that is the best cake ever. :)

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