Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My little girls are on this stage when fighting becomes a habit.  They fight about mom's hugs, dad's attention, toys, paper, plastic cup color preference, plastic spoon and fork color preference, who uses the kiddie bath tub, who sings louder when Bolt's end-credits show up.  

All throughout the day, they fight.  They ran, wrestle, shout at each other and on some instances hurt each other.  Now that is my limit - they can argue (boy, you should listen to them argue, it IS funny), but they cannot hurt each other.  I have given both girls timeouts a number of times ranging from sitting in one corner (Pot cried after 2 minutes, she can't stay still) to facing the wall.

I am still finding a way to make them realize that, yes, arguing is inevitable but physically  hurting is not.  

Anyhow, I mentioned that when they argue, it is a mommy guilty treat.  What's funny about my toddlers is they fight quoting movie characters.

Last night, they were fighting about who gets to play the Jessie doll (Jessie always gets Buzz Lightyear with her) and who plays the Woody and Bullseye dolls.

      Pot:  (pulling Jessie)  This is mine!  Get your own toy.  Get outta here, Bolt!
      Nemo:  Ate, please... thith isth mine!  Portia, YOU. ARE.A.TOY!

Most of the time, the lines don't even mean anything to the argument which is why I always need to keep myself from laughing.  Keeping a straight face while letting them know that they can compromise can be quite a chore. 

Do you have creative ways of making your kids stop fighting?  Or maybe funny stories about their fights?

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