Friday, June 1, 2012

Jeeze Madamme

I should make a big note to self - run the other way whenever I see a store inauguration.  As it is with the rest of the Filipinos, I like checking out how a new establishment looks like on the first week it opens.  Call it patriotic (NOT!) but I see this as progress to celebrate about – more business, more jobs, more income for the city.

So when a famous supermarket chain store opened recently, I took my chance to peek.  My brother and I had a number of errands to do.  We were out late and our last errand for the night was to buy batteries for the flashlight that the electrician will use to fix some faulty house wiring (as always I digress; let’s go back to the topic).

It looked like half of the city was there that night.  Lines in the check-out counters were long – people with cart-loads of groceries lining up even on 12 pcs or less basket lanes.  My head was spinning so I asked the sales personnel if I could line up to pay for two bottles of coke (and batteries, which we found out were not even available) on a shorter cart lane.  I got irritated when he pointed out that I was on the right lane – that it was for people buying 12 or less. 

I told my brother the news that we were on the right lane and people were just lining up with cart-fuls of stuff (Jeeze!); it did not cross my mind that people would hear. 

Overhearing what I said, the lady in front of me asked her household help to get baskets… She shot me this mean “if-looks-could-kill” stare and transferred her grocery items.  That fit perfectly in baskets – four of them.  So yes, she has complied with the basket policy… there were four, but what the heck!  <Insert my still laughing face here>

While she was doing all of these, she had two of her kids as witness.  I don’t know but I am just glad none of my kids were there.  I would not want them to see how silly grown-ups can be.

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