Saturday, June 30, 2012

Would You Buy This For Your Kids?

While shopping for school snacks in SM Muntinlupa, we saw this.  Now I have nothing against cigarette smokers.  I have friends, siblings and loved ones who enjoy smoking.  But this is candy - judging from where it was displayed (the supermarket candy aisle), the target consumers were kids!  The illustration even showed an orange with a cigarette on his mouth... rotten teeth too. 

Equally disturbing was that apart from the cigarette candies, they also manufactured pencil candies (the orange pack to your right).  There goes lead poisoning for school kids.

I did my research and found that these concerns can be reported to the Department of Trade and Industries here in the Philippines.  I am sure they have similar agencies everywhere else.

I still cannot decipher why someone would market a candy like this.  What were they thinking?!?


  1. When I was younger, our ice cream man sold these. The best part was that there was some sort of dust between the candy and the paper wrapper and you could blow it out to make "smoke". There is no way in hell that I'd ever buy these for my kids though. I think smoking was more socially accepted back then and now that we know how bad it is, there would be an uproar about these influencing kids.

  2. we played with candy cigarettes all the time when we were little and would pretend we were smoking! they still sell them here in the US but they call them candy sticks.
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  3. definitely not buying this for my kid. It's like teaching them how to smoke. I hope it's not in the market na. :)