Friday, July 6, 2012

Day, Night and The Whole Gray Area In Between

The whole idea of day, night, and the whole gray area in between is probably too much for a two-year old kid.  

In bed last night after having Nemo's prayers, she asked how everyone was doing and where they are at right now.

"Where's Mamu?"
 "In her room, sleeping. Go to sleep please."  
 "Sleeping. Go to sleep please."
 "Tito Ryan?"
 "In the office. Working.  Go to sleep please, Nemo.
 "Ninong Rene?"
 "He's with his family.  Abroad. Sleep, Nemo."
 "Where is Portia?"
 "Right next to you, sleeping. Go to sleep."  

She also asked if I was going to leave for work last night.  I said no, not for a few hours.  It sounded like a complete roll-call.  All of her questions, I answered with a plea for her to go to sleep.  I was going to wake up a few hours from then for work.

The interrogation went on though.  She asked why Ryan was still in the office, glancing at the pitch black night outside the window.  I explained to her that some  people really need to work nights.  That is just how it is suppose to be.  She also asked why her Ninong Rene isn't here.  Now that is another long explanation that grown-ups can understand better.  He works overseas.

It got me thinking how, ten years ago, working nights in the office was unspeakable.  At 9:00 PM back then, it was difficult to get a cab home.  The usual car barn closed at 6:00 PM.  If you worked in an office, it was automatic that it was a day-job.  Now with the advent of BPOs and IT 24-hour support across the globe, everyone can work odd hours.  

I feel that although these industries create more jobs for people, it also messes up the children's concept of basic day and night.  Gone are the days when nighttime is for sleeping with their parents and daytime is for all sorts of activities.  

So I know Nemo will soon be asking where I am at night before she sleeps.  I am taking on a new assignment that will make me work in the afternoon.  I will be home when she is sleeping.  There are a lot more advantages than disadvantages so I took on that job.  


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  1. This is exactly how every night goes for us. As well as making sure all 8 stuffed animals are in the bed. LOL