Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seconds From Disaster

Today could have been listed as an unlucky day.  It was like watching Seconds From Disaster.

My daughter was about to ride the school bus.  Picture a five-year old kid who scowls at you for sending her to school on a rainy day.  She loves sleeping late.  Unfortunately, K-2 is scheduled very early in the morning to prepare them for big school next year.  So at  six o'clock in the morning, I get the if-looks-could-kill look.

Before riding the van, Pot looks at me one more time.  Guilt-trip!  She was almost crying. I smiled at her, waved and reminded her to wear her "Veggie and Fruit" hat; today is Nutrition Month's parade.  I bet the teachers would exempt her from joining if they knew that she doesn't eat anything nutritious.  It must be hereditary.  That's another story altogether.  


Back to Seconds From Disaster.  As soon as she got in and the driver closed the door, I heard a loud noise, like a loud explosion from somewhere nearby.  When I ran to check, I saw a lot of water gushing from the water refilling station's gutter (the store is owned by our landlord).  The drain was probably too clogged with leaves that it just retained water until it couldn't anymore.

Pot rode the van in the nick of time.  That's one blessing I will be thankful of for the day.  


  1. I wonder how many times things like this happen tat we are not even aware of...you had good timing today!!

  2. whewww, buti na lang. Btw, I love your new layout :)