Friday, August 31, 2012

Cussing Kids Are Kinda Cute, But...

This is a note to self:  Learn not to say profanity even when you are alone.  Your daughters are ninjas and they are there even if you think they are not.  They will follow you around and take every word you say to use on their own convenient time.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughters were watching teasers of Minnie's Bow-toons online.  As soon as the video buffered, I heard my two-year old innocently say "Oh F*ck!"  like it is just a regular word.  My five-year old was very quick to spot the chance to tell her sister off.  "Mommmy, Nemo said Oh F*ck.. that is bad, right?"  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Online Shopping Woes

I have been a fan of online shopping for almost a decade now.  It is convenient, it offers more choices and gives you more buying power.  Because it is done in the comforts of my own home, I don't have to deal with my girls who most of the time get what they want instead of what I intended to buy.  More buying power yeah!

I've had my fair share of horror stories though.  Even when I put the "care" on careful, getting dooped is sometimes inevitable.  In one occasion, I found a nice deal for a Baby Alive doll on Ebay Philippines.  The seller had enough valid positive feedback and had a number of payment options available.  I could have opted to meet up with her but I felt it was too far a drive so I went with having the doll shipped.  A number of email, text messages and calls after, I deposited the money and counted the days on getting the item on my doorstep.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You're Brown!

My five-year old daughter has taken interest on beauty products.  She recently reversed her hate for anything that involves hair (brushing, washing with shampoo or even mere ponytail).  This is when she saw one brand of hair conditioner that claims to make her hair soft, straight and bouncy.  Now, after bath time, she gallops around the house to show off her hair.  She is proud of her straight hair (she has curly hair).

While watching the news this morning, she saw a TV ad for a brand of skin moisturizer.  It showed a local celebrity promoting soft and silky white skin.  Pot was quick to retort - "Mommy, can we buy that please?  You're brown."  

I guess she has noticed that compared with the rest of the family who has lighter skin, mine is darker.  Or maybe she's on that age when formation of "acceptable" norm starts based on what they see on TV. For me that day, the challenge was to let her know that early, that being brown or having curly hair does not mean odd or ugly.  What she will see on TV, magazines, the internet will not necessarily be applicable to everyone. 

The challenge for us parents is to be present while our little ones encounter these crucial incidents.  Guidance given to them may influence how they view these "norms" eventually.

Do you have similar stories?  Do drop me a comment or a note to share.  


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SALE ALERT : Gift Gate at the NBC Tent

Hey everyone!  Life's been pulling me away from blogging (new work!!!).  Just checking in real quick to share with you that Gift Gate will have their first ever big sale.  I am so excited because my girls are into Sanrio, Disney and anything pink lately.  I am looking forward to finding great buys and maybe get some Christmas shopping done.  

You heard me right.  The warning signals are off.  In three weeks time, the Manila airwaves will be full of Christmas carols.  The holiday season starts in September.  It will be great to find gift ideas this early.

From what I read they will have on sale pillows, plush toys, shoes, bags, apparel, accessories, stationery and a lot more.  

Gift Gate Sale 2012 at the NBC Tent, BGC

There is an entrance file of 20 pesos but BDO Cardholders and Sanrio Fan Clun members get in (and a friend) for free. For more details please like Gift Gate on Facebook or follow @ilovegiftgate on Twitter.

Talk to you more later! :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Choice For Responsible Parenthood

It is funny how people can twist facts to win an argument - or misunderstand by reading between the lines or fast-forwarding to what bad things can occur if there is this and that.  

I think this is how it is with the RH Bill.  The negative connotation in the use of artificial contraceptives overshadows the overall context of this proposed bill.  It is not about mass hysteria on condoms outside of grade school and high school campuses.  It is also not about discussing graphical sex in schools that corrupts the mind of minors. It is certainly not promoting  polygamy...

It is giving women a choice.  It is entitling our hardworking women to healthcare.  It is preventing deaths where deaths can be prevented.  The benefits goes on and on...

For those close to me, it is a known fact that, on both of my pregnancies, I almost died.  Credit it to hypertension history on both sides of the family, my blood pressure shoots up during delivery.  I cannot afford another one.  

Eclamsia almost took me away.  Eclamsia almost added two kids without a mother in the population.

The argument about pregnancy prevention (natural or artificial) being "early abortion" is unfair.  How many times have we turned our backs on beggar kids who cross the dangerously busy streets to ask for money?  How many times have we seen a line of kids sleeping under  bridges?  How about kids who eat straight from the garbage cans?  Isn't that something that we should be concerned about?

I am married.  I am happy.  I am healthy.  I know my options and I can afford it, with or without the RH Bill.  

This is not the same for everyone.  This is WHY IT IS NEEDED.

Picture from Cookie Chua's Facebook page.

For more information, please read about Senator Pia Cayetano's blog post about it here.

The Coolest Place To Be

No, it is not Disneyland.  Not even Pixar Studios.  Certainly not Enchanted Kingdom.

It is Mom's office.   

The company I work for recently launched the "Take our Children To Work" Day.  This is to help the young people explore possibilities for the future.  It also introduces the next generation to the technology, strategies and people that make us successful.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have been in and out of my blog over the last two months.  My career-life has been a roller coaster ride.  On some days I feel that everything is in place and there are days when a lot of things are in shambles.

Sometimes begging off from being grown-up for a day is tempting.  I don't know if this happens to you but there are times when I feel that I should just be irresponsible and do what I want.  It might be acceptable when you are single and no one depends on you - I have done that a lot of times.  It feels great. It is refreshing.

But now, the decisions we (my husband and myself) make are based not only on what is best for us, individually and as couple, but also on what suits well for our children.  


We enjoy the moment and get on with life.  Fun, rough but better times ahead.