Monday, August 6, 2012

A Choice For Responsible Parenthood

It is funny how people can twist facts to win an argument - or misunderstand by reading between the lines or fast-forwarding to what bad things can occur if there is this and that.  

I think this is how it is with the RH Bill.  The negative connotation in the use of artificial contraceptives overshadows the overall context of this proposed bill.  It is not about mass hysteria on condoms outside of grade school and high school campuses.  It is also not about discussing graphical sex in schools that corrupts the mind of minors. It is certainly not promoting  polygamy...

It is giving women a choice.  It is entitling our hardworking women to healthcare.  It is preventing deaths where deaths can be prevented.  The benefits goes on and on...

For those close to me, it is a known fact that, on both of my pregnancies, I almost died.  Credit it to hypertension history on both sides of the family, my blood pressure shoots up during delivery.  I cannot afford another one.  

Eclamsia almost took me away.  Eclamsia almost added two kids without a mother in the population.

The argument about pregnancy prevention (natural or artificial) being "early abortion" is unfair.  How many times have we turned our backs on beggar kids who cross the dangerously busy streets to ask for money?  How many times have we seen a line of kids sleeping under  bridges?  How about kids who eat straight from the garbage cans?  Isn't that something that we should be concerned about?

I am married.  I am happy.  I am healthy.  I know my options and I can afford it, with or without the RH Bill.  

This is not the same for everyone.  This is WHY IT IS NEEDED.

Picture from Cookie Chua's Facebook page.

For more information, please read about Senator Pia Cayetano's blog post about it here.


  1. They should see it according to women's views. I hope they will be enlightened that having this more readily available will not only save women but their families as well. - Karina

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