Friday, August 31, 2012

Cussing Kids Are Kinda Cute, But...

This is a note to self:  Learn not to say profanity even when you are alone.  Your daughters are ninjas and they are there even if you think they are not.  They will follow you around and take every word you say to use on their own convenient time.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughters were watching teasers of Minnie's Bow-toons online.  As soon as the video buffered, I heard my two-year old innocently say "Oh F*ck!"  like it is just a regular word.  My five-year old was very quick to spot the chance to tell her sister off.  "Mommmy, Nemo said Oh F*ck.. that is bad, right?"  

It sure sounded like how I say those words.  I was not prepared and sure did not know how I should react.  I went for "Please do not do that again..." 

This morning, my aunt called me on my mobile phone.  Because I was with Nemo, I passed the phone to her so they can chat some.  My little girl's instinct was to dismiss the call; she was watching a video on Youtube.  So she said "I'm not heeeeeeere!"  I could not stop myself from laughing especially when my hubs confessed that he said that to Pot a couple of times - usually when she gets to be too much of a pain.

So what should we do when we hear our little children cursing?

  1. First off, do not blow this out of proportion.  Do not overreact.  Chances are, the children do not know and they do not intend to say something bad.
  2. Try your best not to laugh.  I have to admit that little kids swearing can be too funny but seeing you laugh makes them believe that they are doing something good.  If Mom or Dad are "happy", I must have said something great.  Lemme say that again.
  3. Say it as a matter of fact that the word they said is bad.  Doing it outright can sometimes make them not to say it again.
  4. If you cannot help but blurt out a swear when you are caught off-guard, apologize.  This gives your little children a good example.
  5. If swearing were said by older children, make them realize that you mean business of making them stop by giving them punishments for it.  It can be in the form of suspension of activities or access to gadgets or even timeouts.
  6. Above all, watch your mouth.  Your children are more likely treating you as their idol.  If they hear you swear then they think it is cool.

I hope I can keep my composure and stop myself from saying anything bad when I am around them.  If I don't, I will probably raise two pretty ladies who speak like truck drivers... no offense meant to these drivers.  Heh.


  1. too funny! I wrote a post about cursing and reposted it last week--it's hard when they tell me they heard someone say "The S word" and I say, "Shit?" but they mean "Stupid..." (
    I'm your newest follower from Bloggy Moms and I love your blog!

  2. Ahaha,kids says what they hear but with explanation they will learn the bad words.And we should always watch our mouth.

  3. Kids always seem to repeat the one bad thing that happened or was said...usually to I'm visiting/following from Bloggy Moms. Glad I found your blog!