Thursday, August 30, 2012

Online Shopping Woes

I have been a fan of online shopping for almost a decade now.  It is convenient, it offers more choices and gives you more buying power.  Because it is done in the comforts of my own home, I don't have to deal with my girls who most of the time get what they want instead of what I intended to buy.  More buying power yeah!

I've had my fair share of horror stories though.  Even when I put the "care" on careful, getting dooped is sometimes inevitable.  In one occasion, I found a nice deal for a Baby Alive doll on Ebay Philippines.  The seller had enough valid positive feedback and had a number of payment options available.  I could have opted to meet up with her but I felt it was too far a drive so I went with having the doll shipped.  A number of email, text messages and calls after, I deposited the money and counted the days on getting the item on my doorstep.

The seller went missing in action right after.  It felt like losing a million pesos!  The doll was less than four thousand pesos in the mall and I bought it for Php 2,500 online.  That was a complete ouchy because one, I was more than ready to see my little girls' reaction and two, it was small but hard-earned money.  

That made me shy away from online shopping for a bit.  When I buy my stuff online, I usually meet up and pay the seller right there.  If meeting up is not an option, I just buy the small inexpensive things.

I know that incident is a fluke, maybe a 1 in a hundred chance of getting scammed.  But boy if it happens to you, once is enough.

Do you have online shopping stories that you would like to share?  Please leave a comment. I would love to hear it.  :)

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