Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You're Brown!

My five-year old daughter has taken interest on beauty products.  She recently reversed her hate for anything that involves hair (brushing, washing with shampoo or even mere ponytail).  This is when she saw one brand of hair conditioner that claims to make her hair soft, straight and bouncy.  Now, after bath time, she gallops around the house to show off her hair.  She is proud of her straight hair (she has curly hair).

While watching the news this morning, she saw a TV ad for a brand of skin moisturizer.  It showed a local celebrity promoting soft and silky white skin.  Pot was quick to retort - "Mommy, can we buy that please?  You're brown."  

I guess she has noticed that compared with the rest of the family who has lighter skin, mine is darker.  Or maybe she's on that age when formation of "acceptable" norm starts based on what they see on TV. For me that day, the challenge was to let her know that early, that being brown or having curly hair does not mean odd or ugly.  What she will see on TV, magazines, the internet will not necessarily be applicable to everyone. 

The challenge for us parents is to be present while our little ones encounter these crucial incidents.  Guidance given to them may influence how they view these "norms" eventually.

Do you have similar stories?  Do drop me a comment or a note to share.  


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