Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day!

Do they still sell those roll-on perfume?  My fondest school memory included that when I was on second grade.  My teacher, Mrs. Abad (her first name is Merly, I believe), encouraged her pupils to participate by rubbing her roll-on perfume on our blouse's collar.  She  expresses her pride over her pupils achievements through her perfume.  It was effective.  I remember feeling happy whenever I get a reward.  It was the best scent - it lingers even when I'm on my way home.  Even now, it makes me smile when I smell something similar.

Now that I have a pre-schooler, I cannot help but remember how noble this profession is. I look at how Pot's teacher manages to keep her sanity amidst twelve overly active kids; how she magically makes them perform on stage and work as a team on every recital.  It must be a gift!  Not everyone can be a teacher.  

Did you ever notice how pre-school teachers always have a light aura - like everyday their good vibes-o-meter is full?  They are happy.  They enjoy it.  It must be because they are surrounded by kids.  It feels like they will always be kids at heart.

I still dream of having my own pre-school center someday.  Someday. :)

From all of us who have learned to read, write, socialize and go on with life after disappointments, thank you dear teachers.  Hats off to you. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Villains and Scary Creatures

Sometimes I worry about my 3-year old daughter.  She has a thing for villains.  She would request incessantly to go back to the part when the whole room is enveloped by the sound of the Wicked Witch of the East's laughter in the "Wizard of Oz."

They stumbled upon clips of Chucky in "Child's Play."  While most kids would cry (her sister included) about seeing the scary scenes, she'd watch it until the video ends - sometimes even asks for a replay.

Just this weekend, we were in a bookstore buying crafting supplies for Pot's school projects.  Naturally, the kids and their father strolled around for children's books.  Right next to that section was a big display area of Halloween costumes and decorations.  My 5-year old quickly ran to her father crying.  Where was Nemo?  Running after her sister with a witch's mask and a cut leg. 

On a side note, I know what scares her - the sound of an incoming train.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pseudo-"Wordless Wednesday": The Love of My Life

Oh my goodness!  I am holding my breath to get to the weekend for faaaaaaaaaar too long that I did not realize that it is already here.  I am laughing at my last two posts on them being  "Wordless Wednesday."  On both times, the day was wrong.  I posted it Thursday and Friday!!  Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pseudo-"Wordless Wednesday": A Crazy Afternoon At Work

Photo courtesy of Meryc
Here is another oopsy... I posted this on Thursday but it was a Wednesday so I did not put any caption on it.  This is a record-breaking week for me.  I had three Wednesdays this week.  I had the real Wednesday and two Wednesdays that I made up. :)

Ohh-some Imagination!!

Tonight, I had some downtime at work.  It's been a helluva week for me, particularly because I'm without my trusty ole Polish friend (the one I am going to replace at work) to guide me in closing out my monthly deliverable.  A downtime is a welcome change - one that I will take advantage of to relax.  

Browsing Facebook, I found one of my friends' post who shared a Youtube video.  To make a long story short, it was about a man that was possessed by a spirit while he was in a convenience store buying refreshments.  What attracted me was the caption, so I clicked and watched what was in store at gap 1:05.  Alas, there I saw a reflection of a spirit that stood up when the man fell down unconscious.  It was unnerving but in a hind sight I know it could be one of those fabricated videos - a mixture of bad acting and simple Photoshop work.

Hours went by and it was time to go home.  It was midnight.  From the 12th flr., I took the elevator going to the lobby.  It was a brilliant timing to remember the video.  I was freaked out, especially since you can see the whole lift with its shiny silver finish.  Because there weren't a lot of people working, the elevator just took its stops on various floors without anyone getting inside.  I ended up pretending to sleep (closing my eyes) so I could stop seeing anything until it was time to get off that longest elevator ride.  I survived!

It's not difficult to scare me. The mere sight of darkness freaks me out, possibly because of my carefree imagination.  Ha!  I'm psychotic and I know it. :P
If I ever get an iPhone, I will buy this case.  Available at

Note to self:  Do something less eventful on your free time.  You would not know where your imagination takes you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life's Wonderful Balance

Ahhh... career life.  There are concrete goals to where we want to be in one, five, and ten years.  I want to earn my first million in two years; I want to manage my department in five years and get to establish my own firm in ten. This is not bad at all because it keeps you focused; it gives you a goal and a gauge if everything is turning out right.  

 A younger version of me was like that before.  I have a clear of set of goals that plots all the way to my 40s.  Somewhere along those goals, I see myself going around the globe for business trips.  Having more than one home depending on where I will be.

In my more than ten years of working, I got stuck in the rat race.  There was a time that fifteen hours at work was inevitable... Burnout followed shortly after that experience.

What did I do wrong?  I worked hard but not smart.  I learned that work-life balance is a vital part to achieving your goals.  A mad-dash to get something is not healthy.

So what did I do?  I stepped one foot backward and looked at the big picture.  I went out more.

What I am trying to say is I love the balance I have now.  I love my time with my husband, kids and my friends.  I aim to chill and enjoy the goodness of life.

Speaking of going out. I want to see the goodness of the Philippines more.  It gives that fresh new perspective in life.  Where do we go next?


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I am sure this will not be anything new for parents especially of kids under 7 years old.  No matter how OC you were when you were single, your children are bound to change your house, car and everything you own for the worse.

Case and point is our car.  Months after we got Rubi (our Getz), I would alternately bring her to the car wash shop and clean her myself in the garage to make sure she's spic and span.  I don't know what is worse between these pet peeves - clutter inside the car or dusty windshield/windows.  

Now it may seem like we have given up.  The windshield has a big spiderweb crack; the car has clutter that makes all the rest of the clutter look like an understatement.  A couple of years ago, we invest on the "new car scent" air freshener.  Now our car smells like overly fermented Yakult drink - that was spilled during one of our road trips with the kids.  
That's Portia with Rubi on the soon to be changed deep red color

All these seem to bother us less now, maybe because there are more important things to prioritize than the car's cleanliness (Ugh, can't believe I am saying this!).

The wake-up call was when we saw a neighbor waiting for transportation outside of the village.  We offered her a ride.  I apologized for the toys lying around the back seat and for the filth.  She mumbled that it was okay, that it happens even to her kids who were already in her teens.  But heck, halfway through the ride, it sounded like she was stiffling her need to cough, like something was bothering her.  About half a kilometer before we reach the City Hall (where public rides were more accessible), she thanked us and announced that she will just walk from there.  We said our goodbyes and she sped right off.  Was that really how bad it smelled?  Hahaha!

As a written promise to Rubi, we will work on having these done to you.  Treat them as  a way of pampering you for all the things you've done and all the things you went through:

  • A much needed interior detailing
  • Windshield and tint change
  • Seat covers! (my office friend had faux leather seats made here in BGC for a good price)
  • New audio installation (we only have one speaker working and the radio rarely works)
  • New carpet
  • New paint color to get rid of the bad luck?
I am sure there are still more that needs to be done.  The ultimate goal is to have all the bad vibes out of the car since I am not sure if we can sell it.  Once this is done, I wish our little girls have magically grown to behave better while in transit.