Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day!

Do they still sell those roll-on perfume?  My fondest school memory included that when I was on second grade.  My teacher, Mrs. Abad (her first name is Merly, I believe), encouraged her pupils to participate by rubbing her roll-on perfume on our blouse's collar.  She  expresses her pride over her pupils achievements through her perfume.  It was effective.  I remember feeling happy whenever I get a reward.  It was the best scent - it lingers even when I'm on my way home.  Even now, it makes me smile when I smell something similar.

Now that I have a pre-schooler, I cannot help but remember how noble this profession is. I look at how Pot's teacher manages to keep her sanity amidst twelve overly active kids; how she magically makes them perform on stage and work as a team on every recital.  It must be a gift!  Not everyone can be a teacher.  

Did you ever notice how pre-school teachers always have a light aura - like everyday their good vibes-o-meter is full?  They are happy.  They enjoy it.  It must be because they are surrounded by kids.  It feels like they will always be kids at heart.

I still dream of having my own pre-school center someday.  Someday. :)

From all of us who have learned to read, write, socialize and go on with life after disappointments, thank you dear teachers.  Hats off to you. 

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