Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ohh-some Imagination!!

Tonight, I had some downtime at work.  It's been a helluva week for me, particularly because I'm without my trusty ole Polish friend (the one I am going to replace at work) to guide me in closing out my monthly deliverable.  A downtime is a welcome change - one that I will take advantage of to relax.  

Browsing Facebook, I found one of my friends' post who shared a Youtube video.  To make a long story short, it was about a man that was possessed by a spirit while he was in a convenience store buying refreshments.  What attracted me was the caption, so I clicked and watched what was in store at gap 1:05.  Alas, there I saw a reflection of a spirit that stood up when the man fell down unconscious.  It was unnerving but in a hind sight I know it could be one of those fabricated videos - a mixture of bad acting and simple Photoshop work.

Hours went by and it was time to go home.  It was midnight.  From the 12th flr., I took the elevator going to the lobby.  It was a brilliant timing to remember the video.  I was freaked out, especially since you can see the whole lift with its shiny silver finish.  Because there weren't a lot of people working, the elevator just took its stops on various floors without anyone getting inside.  I ended up pretending to sleep (closing my eyes) so I could stop seeing anything until it was time to get off that longest elevator ride.  I survived!

It's not difficult to scare me. The mere sight of darkness freaks me out, possibly because of my carefree imagination.  Ha!  I'm psychotic and I know it. :P
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Note to self:  Do something less eventful on your free time.  You would not know where your imagination takes you.

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