Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting an A for Initiative

My girls were preparing for bed earlier this evening.  They took a shower, brushed their teeth (still a battle) and got their PJs from the closet in the playroom.  All throughout this process, I was just watching them from afar, making sure no one gets rushed to the emergency room.

When it was time to put on their pajamas, my three-year old daughter still wanted to do it on her own.  

"Nemo is a big girl!  No more baby!"

Smiling at this progress, I gave her shirt and just let her be.  I continued working on my deliverables for work.  A few minutes after, I heard loud giggles, one of them sounding halfway giggle, halfway crying.

This is what I saw:

Where did the other arm-hole go, Mom?

Latest fashion?
But still, I give my daughter A for initiative.  That's progress right there.  I am confident you'll do it right next time.


  1. Cute! It's great to find your little ones trying to act like adults. :)

  2. Oh just way too cute-- way. =)


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  3. This kid stayed up until 3 o'clock in the morning last night watching Mickey Mouse.