Saturday, October 6, 2012

Homemade Cake Pops!

My first try on making cake pops was not all too fabulous.  Watching it online made me feel like it was going to be a breeze, but when I saw the ingredients on my own table, there were suffice to say some second (and third and fourth) thoughts about the whole thing.

It turned out to be fun, albeit a bit stressful.  Since my daughter requested that we make them for her third birthday, we decided to give in and make it as our little project.  I asked an officemate to bake the cake for us a day in advance and she agreed.  That got one task out of the way. 

Next was this first timers challenge of finding the best possible decoration ensemble.  I went all out in Landmark Makati, buying bars of chocolates for the coating, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles and little kisses to decorate.  I still have that fun McCormmick food coloring from our Easter egg hunt.

The cake pops turned out lovely after they were arranged by my creative sister in a pedestal.  We bought a small purple yam cake to accompany it, which made Nemo one happy little kid.    

The one drawback was this:  We wound up having enough cake pops to energize our hyperactive monkeys for the whole week... but hey, birthdays are only once a year, right?  Right?

Oh I lied--there was another drawback:  The mess.  The unholy, unscripted, unbridled, out-of-control, out-of-bounds, outrageous and all-around indescribable...mess.  That kitchen, at the end of the project, made Beirut look like a club-med holiday.  And again, Nemo was in absolute bliss over the whole thing.

Again, I just want to make sure if I got the memo right.  Birthdays are once a year, right? :)  Happy birthday, Princess Nemo!



  1. Hi Rose!!! What a pretty princess and yummy lookin cake pops. I wish I can bake too!!! Followed you back!!!
    More power!!!

    Tin :)

  2. Belated happy birthday to your pretty daughter! Practice makes perfect, so says the old saying and is the same when baking these cake pops :) i'm sure it tasted good!

  3. your daughter is very pretty, belated happy b-day
    please share your cake pops recipe...

  4. Cute naman ng mga cake pops. Nice idea for birthdays.