Friday, October 5, 2012

Que Horror!

No one has prepared us for this.  

After invading our subconscious all week, it went to our home uninvited today. 


Warning:  If you do not want a long-lasting LSS (last song syndrome), please do not watch it. 

I was doing my household chores this morning while Nemo was quietly doing her stuff in the playroom.  It was the best time to listen to music because big sister Pot was still in school with her Dad.  I hooked up my phone to my computer's speaker system and started listening to my choice of songs.

Pot and her Dad came home without me noticing.  Within minutes, the familiar tune announced my bratinella's presence - the Tap the Frog tune! Full blast!

Oh dear universe, please keep us sane for the rest of the day.

(insert some whistling to the tune of this catchy game)

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