Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do They "Rice" Up To The Consumer Challenge?

It's one hell of a week for this consumer.
Monday morning, I had to return one sack of rice to the local grocery store because it was mostly broken grains, smelled bad and tasted like newly-watered soil when cooked (no exaggeration, it was THAT bad).  I spoke with the person in their Customer Service Counter who then referred me to their Supervisor.  After a few questions, I was ushered in to choose the replacement.  Because I did the grocery shopping the day before, there wasn't really anything I can buy. So I asked them to just get me a replacement sack of rice.  

Going to the rice section, I noticed the display of the product I bought.  Apart from the smell and the taste, I noticed that what they gave me was mainly broken grains - this one had long grains.  I asked the guy who was assisting me and his answer gave me the shock of my life.  He said that on weekends when they have their palengke days, a "different" quality and brand of rice are sold - especially in bulk.  Since these products are discounted, the quality is different and normally not at par from the regularly priced one.  The regularly priced ones are then placed back in time for Monday store hours.  Same spot and label minus the three-peso per kilo markdown.   

Taken from All2012.net

I was happy thankful for the honesty of this guy but it sure sounded like consumer deception right there.  Is that even a good deal?  You get a discount on a product that is not even on the same quality of what you should be buying?  I paid extra and got the non-discounted rice.  Really... slashing 150 pesos off the original price does not put logic on giving low quality of products.

My note to self this week... Do not get anything perishable on weekend promo sale.  It is bound to give you a headache.


  1. consumer deception? it not new to my ear as I am also a victim of this many time when buying a good rice and then when we cook it, amoy may halong NFA

  2. Oh dear, I'm sad that happened to you. We always buy at Puregold. So far, no foul smell naman. I hope these supermarkets would be honest to their consumers.

  3. That's really a bad selling strategy. Bad tasting rice ruins an otherwise delectable meal. It is possible to detect this anomaly simply by smelling the uncooked rice?

  4. that's deception indeed! I think you should by rice from trusted sellers next time.

  5. That's horrible!! Poor quality products and cheating the customer. I agree they ought to be called out and reported!!